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Dating Advice for Male Illustrators

123rf-14528801_sAs an artist, it is likely that you will be working alongside many creative, attractive, single young women on various projects. Naturally, you will probably want to date some of these women and end up going out for dinner and/or drinks with them. And while it’s often true that artistic types are more open to casual relationships this does not mean that you shouldn’t work on properly courting the women you are spending time with.

For example, Don’t assume that all that your date wants to do when the night is over is to have sex with you. This may be true with some women that you go out with. However, in spite of this fact, most of the women who date, regardless of how they want the night to end, like to be treated with genuine interest and respect.

A woman likes the night to progress as it should. She wants to get to know you. And she will appreciate your interest in cultivating her friendship. She would want you to genuinely like her for herself.

Communicating with women can be confusing to some men at times, but the more you practice, generally speaking the better you will do. If you want to really master this skill you may want to read a PDF like Lawrence Lanoff’s Language Of Lust, which goes into great detail on the best techniques for talking to women and tuning into what he calls their “broadcast sexuality”.

The most important thing is to make sure that you both have an enjoyable time with each other over the course the evening and that you maintain a playful, flirty vibe. Dine, drink, dance – and converse with each other. Make her comfortable with you. Do not make her feel in any way that you are simply out to get laid.

All women tend to feel flattered to know that you find them attractive. Your date may be thrilled to have some idea that you want the evening to end with some degree of physical intimacy. But being treated solely as a sexual object is not likely to go over lightly with most women. No woman appreciates the fact that they have no value to you whatsoever except as a sexual diversion.

With these considerations in mind, tread lightly. Do not invade her personal space. Do not touch her too intimately or inappropriately even before you have established real rapport with her. Surveys show that a woman hates it when her date paws her or grabs her – or tries to take advantage of her, without any provocation from her end.

As the evening progresses and your date finds you genuinely attractive, she may be open to deeper flirting and more physical intimacy. Take your clue from her. Before she indicates that she will be pleased to have you put your hand on her back or her knee, or for you to lean towards her in a clearly more intimate and suggestive manner, do not do so. And if things move quickly be sure to try out this cool technique from Gabrielle Moore’s Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts program, it is guaranteed to rock your dates world!